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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateDirector(s)Release Date
The theory and practice of community medicine.Schwarz, K.1074--
PLOSOne_BlogPostOct13_RegistraionOFCTs supported.-1905--
Human values [4].Muller, H. J.1958--
Peridural Effusion of Drugs Following Sympathetic BlockadeEvans, James A.; Dobben, Glen D.; Gay, George R.1967--
Principles and practice of screening for disease.Wilson, J. M. G.; Jungner, G.; Organization, W.H.1968--
Citizen Participation is citizen power.Arnstein, Sherry R.1969--
On book reviews.Stegenga, J. A.1971--
The theory and practice of community medicine.Schwarz, K.1974--
Shrivastava Committee ReportGroup on Medical Education and Support Manpower1975--
Alienation as a Concept in the Social Sciences.Ludz, P. C.1976--
Communication of Agricultural Innovations in Latin America: The Need for New Models.Bordenave, J. D.1976--
The Diffusion of Innovations and the Issue of Equity in Rural Development.Röling, N. G.; Ascroft, J.; Chege, F. W.1976--
The two-period cross-over clinical trial.Hills, M.; Armitage, P.1979--
Birth Control and Controlling Birth Women-Centered PerspectivesHolmes, Helen B.; Hoskins, Betty B.; Gross, Michael1980--
Call for proposalsFellowship, Senior1980--
The Custom-Mode Child? Women-Centered PerspectiveHolmes, Helen B.; Hoskins, Betty B.; Gross, Michael1981--
Medical Genetics Casebook : A Clinical Introduction to Medical Ethics Systems TheoryClements, Colleen D.1982--
Who Decides?: Conflicts of Rights in Health Care.Bell, Nora K.1982--
Parental rights, child welfare, and public health: the case of PKU screening.Faden, Ruthr; Holtzman, Neila; Judithchwalow, Anda1982--
The impact of patients’ perceptions of high blood pressure on attendance at screening.King, J. B.1982--