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TitleAuthor(s)Issue DateDirector(s)Release Date
1 year on—lessons from the Ebola outbreak for WHO.Lancet2015--
10 Best resources for community engagement in implementation research.Glandon, D.; Paina, L.; Alonge, O.; Peters, D. H.; Bennett, S.2017--
15 Park Avenue---2005
1984 Rocket Bomb attack---1984
(2010). How to do research fairly in an unjust world.Ballantyne, A. J.2010--
2011 FDA drug approvals.Mullard, A.2012--
A 22-year-old community advisory board: Health research as an opportunity for social change.Silvestre, A. J.; Quinn, S. J.; Rinaldo, C. R.2010--
70 Years of Human Rights in Global Health: Drawing on a Contentious Past To Secure a Hopeful Future.Gostin, L. O.; Meier, B. M.; Thomas, R.; Magar, V.; Ghebreyesus, T. A.2018--
A. Fink Evaluation fundamentals 2nd ed. Insights into the outcomes, effectiveness, and quality of health program2005SageThousand Oaks, CA.Sidani, S.2006--
The AAA/Wenner-Gren Ebola Emergency Response Workshop Preliminary Guidances and Recommendations.American Anthropological Association2014--
The abandoned trials of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV: What went wrong?J.A., S.; E.J., M.2005--
Abortion, infanticide and allowing babies to die, 40 years on.Savulescu, J.2013--
Abortion, infanticide and moral context.Porter, L.2013--
About abortion in BritainMed, J.2001--
About BPASMed, J2001--
Accelerated approval dust begins to settle.Mullard, A.2011--
The Accelerated Child Survival and Development programme in west Africa: a retrospective evaluation.Bryce, J.; Gilroy, K.; Jones, G.; Hazel, E.; Black, R. E.; Victora, C. G.2010--
Accelerating HIV vaccine development.Koff, W. C.2010--
Accelerating the health impact of the Gates Foundation.Black, Robert E; Bhan, Maharaj K.; Rudan, Igor; Victora, Cesar G.2009--
Access and use of human tissues from the developing world: Ethical challenges and a way forward using a tissue trust.Emerson, C. I.; Singer, P. A.; Upshur, R. E. G.2011--